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Email to confirm these Angie's List coupons worked for you. Thanks.

I've been a member of AngiesList off and on for years. I've found contractors and handyman on it. People write reviews on business and there are coupons and crazy specials like $99 to paint a room. They have coupons too now. I have a really good coupon down below because I used it!

Angie's coupon

Email to confirm these Angie's List coupons worked for you. Thanks.

Find local reviews on the services you need at Angie’s List – from electricians to physicians – Take the Tour!

Need a handyman? Find local unbiased reviews on the best handymen! Try Angie’s List.

Need a good dentist? Find the best dentists with local unbiased reviews at Angie’s List. Get rid of your worries – Check the List!

Your pet need a vet? Unbiased local reviews at Angie’s List are what to get. Check the list!

More than 650,000 consumers use Angie’s List to find high quality service companies and health care professionals in more than 300 categories. From plumbers and painters to dentists and dermatologists, reviews come directly from homeowners in your area. Ratings are based on price, quality, responsiveness, professionalism and punctuality. Members submit 15,000+ reports every month. 24-hour access to reviews on Live support through our call center. Award-winning Angie’s List magazine. Access to our Complaint Resolution Team. Discounts from highly rated service companies. Certified data-Our staff reads all reviews before they're posted to guard against companies that try to report on themselves or their competitors. This process was reviewed and approved during a 2007 audit by BPA Worldwide.

Angies List

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