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The entire team at is committed to connecting you with the lives and stories of your long-lost ancestors. They do this by providing the largest historical records collection available online and making these records easily accessible to beginners and experienced genealogists alike. partners with you to create a priceless family history that you will cherish for years to come. With more than 7 billion names and 26,000 searchable databases, is the #1 online source for family history information, including the web's largest collection of historical records. is a leading resource for online genealogy. With an annual membership, you'll learn more about your family’s place in history, share your discoveries with other family members and connect with relatives from all over the world. There's even a free trial offer to start building your family tree immediately.

Over the past 12 years we've invested hundreds of millions of dollars in finding, licensing, scanning, indexing and making searchable more than 24,000 different collections — ranging from records to photos to biographies to yearbooks to historical maps. This information has helped literally millions of people connect with their roots.

The result of our investment is the web's largest collection of family history records, including the only complete U.S. Census Collection (1790-1930), the largest online collection of U.S. Military records and the largest online collection of immigration records. We add millions of new discoveries every week in the U.S. alone, and we are actively expanding our international collections as well.

All this considered, we realize that the most important collection of family history information lies in your hands. It lives in your stories, photos, letters and papers —in your memories and those of your loved ones. So we are also proud to provide Ancestry Family Trees™, which are perfect for preserving and sharing these precious assets. In the last year, guests have added more than 350 million people to their family trees, along with photos and stories. Our member-contributed content is growing exponentially and globally, giving you more chances every day to discover the richness of your family history in ways you might never have thought possible.

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