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Accessory Geeks

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We do not just sell cell phone and ipod products, we back them up with geeky service. What do we mean by geeky service? Geeks are known for their abundant knowledge and their eagerness to help. Unfortunately geeks are also known for their lack of social skills. But we are not your typical geeks, we are A Geek, Accessory Geeks. We have the knowledge and eagerness to help our customers without the problem of socializing and communicating with them. We promise to provide our customers with the service they need fast and accurate. We will provide the service that none of our competitors will have and we are proud to have you as our customer. We are not just any geek, we're A Geek, Accessory Geeks!

Just like how people trust and rely on geeks to solve their technical/electronics needs, it is our goal to gain everyone’s trust as A Geek, AccessoryGeeks that can provide unconventional products and offer the best quality customer service.

Employees at AccessoryGeeks think like A Geek, talks like A Geek, and provides like A Geek. We are over achievers and just like A Geek, we never stop learning. We continuously educate ourselves to enhance our customer’s knowledge. When people buy our products, they remember us because they know they got it from A Geek, AccessoryGeeks.

Honesty: A Geek@ AccessoryGeeks honors honesty before anything. Honesty is the foundation of our company’s values and our values carries on to our customers. Everything we do, we do it with honesty.

Innovation: A Geek@AccessoryGeeks does not linger on the past, we constantly think of new ways to improve our products, improve the way we deal with our customers, and new ways to satisfy our customers in the geekiest ways.

Focus: A Geek@AccessoryGeeks always over achieves to provide exclusive products at an inexpensive price to all our customers.

Educate: A Geek@AccessoryGeeks sells high quality products; but that’s not it. A Geek sells knowledge. We strive to educate all our customers and kindly offer opinions to enhance our customer’s awareness of cell phone & iPod accessories.

From our first sale of LG 510 battery in 2004, AccessoryGeeks has not only grown in profits, but also in size. Today AccessoryGeeks is divided into four geeky units:

Marketing & Graphics Geeks

Customer Service Geeks

Warehouse Geeks

Product Management/Testing Geeks

The number of items we carry in our inventory has grown substantially. Currently our warehouse carries 20,000 plus items and we are constantly expanding our product lines. That is why today A Geek, AccessoryGeeks is considered a store with the most ‘Complete Line of Cellular & iPod Accessories’. A Geek, AccessoryGeeks also has more guides, how to videos and detailed pictures than any of our competitors.

A Geek’s mission here at AccessoryGeeks is to deliver high quality cell phone & iPod accessories to everyone in the U.S. & Canada while providing information with our geeky expertise and building pleasant shopping memoires for every customer. A Geek@AccessoryGeeks always innovates to enhance your knowledge and to gain you overall trust with our company. Remember, you got it from A Geek, AccessoryGeeks

A Geek’s motto at AccessoryGeeks is “Geeky People, Geeky Service, Geeky Experience”.

A Geek’s Slogan at AccessoryGeeks is “You got it from A Geek”

A Geek’s Goal is to provide excellent quality to our customers in a friendly and geeky manner. We desire to build memories with you.

A Geek@AccessoryGeek, we always get it done!

A Geek, AccessoryGeeks are not here to simply sell products, we are here to educate everyone with new products and provide them with valuable information regarding cell phone and iPod accessories in order for our customers to get the most out of their devices. Creating a geeky and memorable shopping experience is just the beginning. We are extremely confident and strongly convinced that A Geek, AccessoryGeeks can become a leading provider of cell phone and iPod accessories with our Accessory Geeks Attitude.

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